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Case Management Services

What we do .....

For clients:

We may help you with:
  • Providing information about your condition, the help available, about the medico-legal process and how to get the best out of services:

  • Advocating on your behalf and helping to get the best out of your NHS, Social Services and school.

  • Assistance with securing funding for support, healthcare and education

  •  Commissioning and managing rehabilitation: finding suitable private therapists; for example physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists

  • Getting together a rehabilitation plan based around your goals, facilitating progress, monitoring and managing therapy teams

  • For children, supporting integration and progress with education; including going in to school and working with teachers

  • Working with rehabilitation centres and assisting with discharge planning

  • Resourcing and advising on specialist equipment, vehicles and housing adaptations

  • Finding and organising holidays and leisure activities

  • Developing bespoke care and support packages- recruiting, training and supervising Support Workers

  • Payroll services for clients who have chosen to employ their own staff, but want support to manage them

  • Assisting with post 16 placements and transitional living

  • Enabling a return to work

  • Pain management advice

Following an initial assessment we will normally complete a detailed report with a summary of recommendations to meet your needs. This will be sent to your Solicitor, to enable them to get funding for the things you will need including care and therapy. You will stay in control throughout, and can decide whether you are happy with the recommendations and want to continue with the case management input and rehabilitation plan. You will be able to choose your Case Manager, and that person will remain working with you as long as you need them.


We are a CQC registered and inspected service

This ensures you a quality, well-led, safe, effective, responsive and caring service.


Through this system of registration, you are ensured that only those people who are judged to be fit and are likely to provide and manage good quality care that meets the needs of people, are authorised to do so.


We hope you've found all the information you require here, but if you haven't and have some more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us 

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